Dec 15, 2020

Iver December News: Christmas Music, Sensory Resources and The Nativity

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December news

Welcome to our December newsletter!

Christmas is well and truly underway at Iver, with plenty of festivities for the children to enjoy and learn from! We’d like to offer a warm welcome to our new families. We are so impressed with how well the children are settling in and already beginning to learn.  

Each room has been celebrating Christmas in their own special way, though every child was fascinated and excited to see Father Christmas appear in the nursery garden to hand out presents! They also enjoyed a fantastic Christmas dinner courtesy of our chef Andy, who handmade everything from parsnip crisps and pigs in blankets to Yorkshire puddings for the children to taste and enjoy.  

Our babies have been having a very musical month, with lots of dancing and singing activities to aid their physical development as well as development of expression. This has involved joining in with lots of action songs, such as ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ which has then developed into moving along to Christmas songs; ‘When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney’ was a firm favourite, with the children especially enjoying saying “atchoo, atchoo, atchoo!”. The little ones have also been getting messy while making Christmas tree decorations, handprint reindeer pictures and their very own giant present made up of a collage of tissue paper and glue. 

The toddlers have been making many decorations and exploring sensory resources, such as paint, glue, tissue paper and crayons to create their Christmas masterpieces (from wreaths to reindeers). ‘Jingle Bells’ and ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Christmas Star’ have been their favourite songs to sing and the children have used different types of instruments to support their ability to listen to a beat and explore a variety of sounds. They have also been developing their listening skills by reading both familiar and unfamiliar stories. The children have been impressing us all by filling in the blanks as a practitioner is reading. The children have continued to enjoy their time in the garden and have been keen to discuss differences in weather and what type of clothes we need to wear.

The children in the pre-school room have been learning all about the Nativity by re-imagining their toy house as a stable, with little figurines acting as all the important characters from the story. This has allowed them to gain an insight into different faiths and they have been asking their friends different questions about themselves which has allowed them to explore differences and similarities between people. The pre-schoolers have loved dancing along to Christmas music and have made good use of the bells available to sing along to ‘Jingle Bells’. Our wonderful practitioner Evie has introduced many performing arts games to the children which has allowed them to develop their confidence and flourish in activities, such as sharing their thoughts, feelings and opinions where they may have been too shy to do so before. These games include the ‘magic rock’ game where the children are challenged with imagining they are different people, creatures or animals with different emotions as well as different vocal exercises designed to expand the different tones the children use. 

What’s coming up in January

We are very excited to welcome the children back in January. We are looking forward to exploring the New Year when all the children return to nursery, discussing how the children have spent the holidays and what they are looking forward to in the year ahead. 

We have lots of fun events and occasions to celebrate in January to help expand the children’s knowledge. We will be organising lots of fun activities to help the children engage in these celebrations. Watch this space for more information!

Thank you once again for your continued contribution to our food bank initiative. As always, we are very grateful and we hope to continue this initiative in the New Year!

Other important information

We have been delighted to discuss your children’s development with you during parent phone consultations and will be continuing to offer these until the end of term. If you would like to arrange a phone consultation with your child’s key person, please feel free to email or call the nursery and we will be happy to arrange this.  

The last day that we are open this term is Christmas Eve and we will be re-opening on January 4th.

After a very unusual year, we want to thank you all for your continued support as we have been adjusting to ‘the new normal’ and hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Yamuna Jayasinghe, Nursery Manager

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