Aug 23, 2021

Iver August News: Bicycles, Yoga and Water Play

Iver August

Welcome to our August newsletter! It has been a great month, full of laughter and learning as the children have taken to the lovely weather by spending much of their time in the garden. Though the sun hasn’t always been shining, the children simply put on their welly boots and raincoats and continue to love the garden even in the rain. We continue to be thankful for your cooperation in adhering to guidelines brought about by COVID, particularly by wearing face masks when interacting with staff.
August news

The Bunnies (0 – 2s) have enjoyed sensory play by exploring water and playdough. They have been listening to sounds practitioners make as they read stories, as well as discovering different textures in the “touch and feel” books. During singing, the little ones have been dancing along to songs which help them identify body parts, such as “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. We have been amazed to see the little ones using the bikes outdoors as a way to develop their gross motor skills. The Bunnies favourite activity has been filling and emptying using water, sand and even oats – a great way for them to explore their world and show control in their motor movements.

The Squirrels (2 – 3s) have been learning about the world through different small world toys, including train tracks and the farm. This has led to lots of opportunities for the children to identify animals and their sounds, make connections when making a train track and even to discuss what jobs a Farmer and a Train Conductor might have to do. The Squirrels have loved the garden this month, and their favourite thing to play with has been water; they have enjoyed using water to fill up jugs, clean their toys and even used water to paint big circles on the chalkboard. Their favourite song to sing has been “I Had a Little Turtle” – they love making a “turtle” with their hands and splashing the “turtle” into the water as they sing the song.

The Owls (2.5 – 5s) have also been spending as much time as they can in the garden, where they have loved discovering insects, such as ladybirds, slugs, snails and even a grasshopper. They have shown interest in creating homes made of leaves for these insects and have been using technology to find out what they like to eat. The pre-schoolers have also been learning about self-care; they are learning about the concept of being “tired” by running an obstacle course and seeing how they feel afterwards, as well as continuing to engage in activities such as yoga and quiet time where they have a chance to be peaceful. The Owls have been continuing to develop their fine motor skills by painting and creating their own pasta jewellery, painting each individual piece, and threading the pasta onto string independently.

What’s coming up next month

Following the children’s interest, the pre-schoolers will be engaging in some First Aid Training on 25th September with some help from a new addition to their room, “Kevin the Care Bear”. This will be a great way for the children to develop their health and self-care.

As we move from Summer to Autumn, the children will be exploring changing seasons and weather. In anticipation for the Harvest Festival, we are hoping to collect tins and dried food to donate to the local food bank. This will be a great opportunity for the children to learn the meaning of charity and caring for others.

Other important information

We are sad to say that Amandeep will be leaving us early-September due to unavoidable personal circumstances. We wish her well in all her future endeavours.

We also wanted to remind you of our refer a friend scheme. When you refer a friend and they join the nursery, we will thank you with a £100 discount off your next invoice. We know that you are always recommending us, so we just wanted to say a big thank you for your referrals. There is no limit on referring your friends, so please do refer as many people as you like! We are always very grateful for your support and look forward to welcoming more of your friends into our nursery family. For more information and terms and conditions, speak to your nursery manager.

Thank you all for your recent reviews on Google, Facebook or Your kind words and feedback really do make our day and we really appreciate the time spent on leaving us a review. If you haven’t yet had the chance to write a review and would like to, we would be very grateful. You can do this on Google, Facebook or

A reminder for those children who attend on a term time only basis, the new term starts back on Thursday, 2ndSeptember.

Finally, if your child is leaving us at the end of this term to move up to school, their last day will be 31st August unless you have told us otherwise.  If your child is not starting school straight away and you would like them to come to us for any additional sessions early in September, do let me know so that I can check our availability.

Activity for home

If you are looking for something to do at home this weekend or over the coming months, why not give our activity at home a go! Be aware that some activities or ideas may need to be adapted to suit your child’s age and development.

Paint with your hands and feet

  • Get a long roll of lining paper, old wall paper or material
  • Choose what colours to use to decorate with
  • Then use your hands and feet to decorate the paper
  • Display the artwork in your windows for people to see

What will your child be learning?

  • Independence, creativity and choice
  • Mark making using their body
  • Sensory experience of paint on their body
  • Colours
  • Shapes and sizes
  • Developing gross motor skills
  • New vocabulary, e.g. big, small, red, blue, green, feet, hand, etc
  • Give meaning to marks they make

Please share photos of your child’s activity on the app. We look forward to seeing your child’s creations!

As always, we would like to thank you all for your continued support, it is always hugely appreciated.

Yamuna Jayasinghe, Nursery Manager 

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