Apr 28, 2021

Iver April News: Sensory Play, Outdoor Learning and New Resources

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Welcome to our April newsletter! What a fantastic month it has been. The lovely weather has meant lots of uninterrupted play and exploration in the garden, and exploring the many opportunities for learning that the change of weather brings. We continue to be grateful for your adherence to coronavirus guidelines.

April news

This month, the babies have been busy moving to music and copying actions from songs such as “If You’re Happy and You Know It” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” where they are getting to know their different body parts. As always, they have enjoyed lots of sensory play including sponge painting and ‘invisible’ painting with water. The children’s favourite activity during April has been sand play, where they enjoyed filling and emptying pots, and were mesmerised by the effect of falling sand. The babies have also experimented with different sounds this month; they have been making sounds through both playing with the small-world animals and using instruments by tapping, banging and shaking.

Throughout April, the toddlers have been enjoying spending time in the garden. The children have been going on countless bug hunts equipped with their magnifying glasses to see which different insects they can find. This has given them lots of opportunity to use language to describe what they can see, from the colour of the insects to how many legs they have.  The children are continuing to learn about different positions to make sense of the space around them by playing games introducing them to under, over, through, etc. This naturally lead to reading ‘Bear Hunt’ and the children reciting “we can’t go over it, we can’t go under it – we’ve got to go through it!”. Playing with playdough has been the toddlers favourite activity this month, which has given them lots of opportunities to learn new vocabulary which they have also been using elsewhere in their conversations – including words like “squishy”, “bumpy”, “round” and “soft”.

This month, the pre-schoolers have loved the new addition of a touch-table tablet computer in their room. This has given them a new understanding of technology and how things work; as well as giving them the opportunity to learn about time (including the concept of anticlockwise and clockwise) as well as number games. The pre-schoolers have also been developing their listening and attention skills while playing parachute games, such as keeping the ball on the parachute as a group, which required an awareness of the space around them and hand-eye coordination. During April, they have been enjoying Farm Shop role play, using their critical thinking skills to think of new ideas to extend their imagination and also build up on their phonic and mathematical knowledge through play.

What’s coming up next month

We hope that the weather remains sunny next month so that the children can continue their endless play and investigations in our outdoor areas. We look forward to the month of May and all the learning opportunities it brings. The children will be participating in a number of activities throughout the month to engage their curiosity and extend their learning. Please keep an eye out for any notices at the front of the nursery. We look forward to another busy month ahead!

Other important information

A warm welcome to Manjit to our nursery family. Manjit is a qualified practitioner with over 15 years of experience in Early Years. Manjit has already settled in really well and won the hearts of all the children in pre-school!

We would like to remind you to arrive in good time to receive feedback at the end of the session (around ten minutes prior to the end of the session, whether that is 1pm or 6pm). This is because staff shift patterns end at 1pm and 6pm, respectively. We would also like to remind you that arrivals after 1pm and 6pm will result in a late payment.

Keyley Divers is leaving us this month to start Teacher training in mainstream. We wish Keyley all the very best and congratulate her on securing a place to train as a Primary School Teacher.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Yamuna Jayasinghe, Nursery Manager

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