Apr 02, 2019

Have you bought an Easter egg (or 3) for your child yet?

We had a meeting last week with Yvonne, who is the nutritionist whom we are working with for our Early Years Nutrition Partnership Award at Innsworth. We have designed our new Spring/Summer menu for all the nurseries, which will start later this month, and made sure it meets all the requirements to make it nutritionally balanced. Yvonne then showed us a great piece of work she had done on the sugar content in Easter eggs. She had measured out the amount of sugar contained in each egg, which she had in a small bag, so we could compare all the eggs, many of which retail at less than £1 and are very much marketed at children and parents. This ranged from 26.5 g (5 teaspoons) in a Creme egg, to 74g (15 teaspoons) in a Smarties Egg, through to a whopping 31 teaspoons of sugar in a Chocolate Orange egg.

The recommended amount of sugar for a 4-6 year old each day is 19g, so you can see how quickly these are exceeded. So, what do we do in the face of the onslaught of marketing? Yvonne suggested using hollow chocolate eggs for an egg hunt, or small chocolate ones which can be rationed! It’s also worth noting that mini eggs, which are very popular with us all, are labelled on the pack saying ‘not suitable for children under 4’, as they are a choking hazard, but many people are not aware of this.

So, have a happy Easter, but just be aware of how much sugar is in Easter eggs and let us know if you find any good alternatives!

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