Jun 23, 2021

Harpole June News: Butterflies, Dinosaurs and Mathematics

Harpole Dinosaurs

Welcome to Harpole Day Nursery’s June newsletter. We have had a busy month with the children taking part in lots of exciting activities!

June news

The Pre-School Room became home to caterpillars during the month of June, preschool have been watching and waiting for the caterpillars to take their next step in the lifecycle to becoming butterflies. June 1st was Butterfly Awareness Day, so the pre-school children completed a range of activities around the life cycle of a butterfly. Using their creative skills, the children used a range of different materials to print caterpillars and butterflies onto paper.

The children in the Ducks Room have been celebrating Dinosaur Day, using small world resources to create homes for the dinosaurs. The Ducks have been exploring the different speed of vehicles using resources such as guttering and flat surfaces to see how far they travel. The Ducks have also been singing our nursery song “The Good Morning Train”, waving to their friends as they welcome them in the mornings.

The Bears have been using their mathematical skills, concentrating as they draw shapes onto the wooden logs, gaining confidence naming all the shapes. The Bears have also been working on their independent skills, by swapping bottles for cups and jugs. They have challenging themselves in pouring their own water into cups and drinking confidently without spilling.

The pre-schoolers have been using the mathematical objects to see if they can recognise any familiar shapes and describe them. They worked in groups to describe a shape to peers, and saw if they can guess the name of the shape. The pre-schoolers have been working hard to recite the sign language they have been learning, and can now can confidently sign the alphabet, colours, and numbers up to 15.

What’s coming up next month

We are looking forward to celebrating various special days with the children during July. The 19th to 23rd of July is Eid al-Adha where the children will learn about the Muslim celebration. We will also be looking at different ways we can celebrate international friendship day on the 30/07/2021.

We hope that July continues to bring us lots of sunshine so that they children can continue to make the most of their outdoor areas, exploring and discovering at every opportunity!

Other important information

We would like to inform pre-school parents we will be holding a graduation party for children to attend on the 12/08/2021 from 14.30pm to 16.30pm. Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions we are unable to welcome parents to this event. However, the celebration photos will be shared virtually. The children who do not usually attend on Thursdays are welcome to attend the graduation party on that day.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Lauren Freund– Deputy Manager

Harpole Ramp
Harpole Caterpillar

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