May 27, 2021

Granta Park May News: Painting, Gardening and Dinosaurs

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

Welcome to our May newsletter! We have had another busy month. Dodging the rain showers, then the sunshine, then the rain again, lets hope the weather settles down a bit more for next month! 

May news

This month in Twinkle Stars, the children have been creating some foam painted pictures using paint and foam mixed together. The children have used various objects to print with too. They have taken a big interest in the plants in the garden throughout May, smelling the Rosemary plants, as they brush over and through them. The children will be creating some lovely sensory pictures for their display board in the coming weeks and feeling lots of different textures through their play. Also this month, the babies have been playing peek a boo with each other and with the staff, using their hands and also the silky, flowy materials in the room. 

In May, the children in Sunshine’s have also been looking after their plant that is in their room, trying to revive it from the brink of death! It is now showing signs of returning to full health, despite missing a few leaves!! The children have been watering the mint out in their garden and they will be planting some more different varieties of plants out in their planters in the garden over the coming weeks.

This month, they have enjoyed their story times and, in particular, ‘Monkey Puzzle’. The children have now started creating a board with their interpretations of the different creatures in the story. They have had discussions about descriptive words and have used very simple phrases for things they have seen out in the garden. 

Over in Pre School 1 this month, the children have been extremely keen on anything dinosaur related! They have created habitats for them in the messy play trays; they have searched for their bones out in the sand pit; they ‘hatched’ some frozen dinosaur eggs and discovered that the coloured ice melted quickly when it was inside in the warm in the trays; and they have even used the different sized dinosaurs as part of their maths development. The children have also been doing lots of painting this month. They have been busy painting the wooden fences, the pipes, crates and even the pebbles. Everything has looked very colourful until it rained, AGAIN!!   

In Pre School 2, the children have experienced the use of Plaster of Paris this month, and have created some very exciting ‘fossils’ and remnants from digs out in the garden, finding dinosaur fossils and bones. We have sparked the children’s imagination and think some will be very keen to become archaeologists later on in their life. 

Also in May, the children have been discussing Healthy Eating and talking about what their favourite food is at home and at nursery. They have talked about the weather and how we need to look after ourselves; whether we need our sunscreen on or our warm woolly hats and gloves or our rain coats (sometimes this is all three in the space of one day!!).

What’s coming up next month

We are hoping for some more sunshine as we head into June so that the children can continue to spend as much time as possible outside, exploring our outdoor areas. A little more sunshine will also mean that the children are able to enjoy their snack and tea outside in the gardens on some of these days. As well as the usual fun and interactive activities throughout the month, the children will be celebrating some special events in June such as Father’s Day on the 20th June.

Other important information

Please don’t forget that we have another bank holiday on Monday 31st May and will be closed.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Rosie Dockerill, Nursery Manager

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

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