Mar 25, 2021

Granta Park March News: Creativity, Music and Dinosaurs

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Welcome to our March newsletter!

March has come and gone and we can’t believe we are already almost in April. Spring has sprung, the weather is getting slightly better and the days are definitely now lighter for longer.

This month has been full of festivals and celebrations. We aim to celebrate a variety of different festivals throughout the year and if there are any that you celebrate at home, please let us know and we will try to cover these too.

March news

This month, the babies in Twinkle Stars have been doing mirror painting; putting paint on the paper and folding the paper over to make a mirror image of what they had painted. They have also been exploring the leaves and sticks that have been collected from out in the garden and put into the trays; finding all of the small animals hidden in amongst the leaves.

In March, the musical instruments have been played with a lot too. The children have been singing lots of different songs whilst shaking the instruments, rolling them and tapping them.

The children in Sunshine’s have been exploring all things dinosaurs this month. The team have created different habitats in the children’s trays for them to explore; while the children have also enjoyed running around making roaring dinosaur sounds and looking at dinosaur books.

They have also been learning all about colours and have been trying to find things within the environment to match certain colours. The children have been practising scraping their plates and beginning to wash up their own plates each day, getting them ready for when they move up into their next room, Pre-school 1.

Throughout March, the team in Pre-school 1 have incorporated numbers and colours into the children’s learning. The children have experimented with mixing food colouring and the team have incorporated this into all sorts of messy play for the children to enjoy.

The children have had cutlery in the very messy play trays in order to continue to improve their skills at using knives, forks, spoons, tongs, pipettes etc. They have been using the utensils to transfer media from one container to another. The baby dolls have all been bathed and cared for this month in the role play area and the group have had lots of discussions about how to care for young babies and how careful we have to be with them.

Over in Pre-school 2, the children have been focusing a large amount of their time on numbers and letters this month. The older children have been writing in the cards which they made for Mothering Sunday. Lots of the children have been using the sandpaper letters to trace their fingers around the letters of their name. Some of the children have been practising keys and padlocks this month; finding the correct key to fit the correct padlock as well as matching the numbers on the locks to the amount of spots coloured on the tags of the keys.

This month, all of the children celebrated World Book Day and dressed up as characters from their favourite story books. The children all had great fun talking about their favourite books and some re-enacted their characters out in the garden.

What’s coming up in April

We have lots to look forward to next month!

As with March, April brings us lots of exciting celebrations and events such as: Easter, the Queen’s birthday and St George’s Day – just to name a few. We will provide a number of activities for the children to explore these events and extend their learning even further. Most importantly, the children will be searching for Easter eggs on Thursday 1st April in an Easter egg hunt. We know this event is a firm favourite amongst the children every year! We will also be looking at all things Spring next month! 

Other important information

We will be transitioning over to our new email account within the next few weeks, which will be: and we will be using this for communications in the future.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Rosie Dockerill, Nursery Manager

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