Mar 24, 2021

Fen Drayton March News: Creativity, Reading and Role Play

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Welcome to our March newsletter!

March news

This month, the children in Stars and Sunbeams have had fun celebrating World Book Day. The children were able to dress up as as their favourite book characters and we read their favourite stories at nursery together as a group. This has helped the children with developing their language skills as well as their listening and attention skills. 

The children have also celebrated St. David’s Day this month. They made daffodils using paper plates and painted them the colours they could see on the daffodils. This has helped develop the children’s understanding of celebrations from around the world as well has helping the children develop their fine motor skills while painting by using the paint brushes. This activity also gave the children the opportunity to learn and practise their colours.  

The children all made Mother’s Day cards for their Mums or other special family members. The children used different coloured tissue paper to make their card and used glue to stick the tissue paper on. This helped develop the children’s creative side as well as their fine motor skills. The children thoroughly enjoyed designing and creating their own cards. 

Another celebration we celebrated this month was St. Patrick’s Day. The children did some lovely paintings using a paper cut in half to create a 4 leaf clover. The children had great fun printing and talking more about the colours; which colours they mixed together to make green. 

In March, the children have enjoyed a lot of playing in the mud kitchen as well as the kitchen in the room. The children have talked about what they are making and the staff have been role modelling language to the children, such as mixing, pouring and whisking. The team also spoke to the children about the different foods and ingredients, and what they could make. The Nursery Cook has also helped the children make some fruit flapjacks which they made and we sent home. We hope you enjoyed them!

The children have also been focusing on some Montessori activities this month, such as pouring and using the big pink blocks. For the pouring activities, the children poured lots of different items from jugs and they also had a chance to develop this when they were cooking; when they poured ingredients into the mixing bowl, for example. As the children became more confident, they used mixed dried beans to give some weight to the jug and poured them from one jug to another. As well as using the jugs, the children have practised pouring water into their glasses.

The pink blocks activity is where the team lay all the blocks on the table the children have to rebuild the tower in the right order; placing the biggest block first and finishing with the smallest one on top of the tower. This has helped the children learn about size order as well as hand eye coordination. 

This month in Pre-school, the children had fun celebrating St. David’s Day. The children made pictures of daffodils and they talked about the different flowers that they can grow as well as which seasons they should plant the seeds. Pre-school have also talked about which flowers and vegetables they would like to plant in the nursery garden. The children have planted some vegetables already this year and have been learning how to look after them as well as what they need to do to help them grow. The children have taken on the responsibility of making sure they have enough water to grow. 

In March, Pre-school also celebrated World Book Day with all the children dressing up as their favourite book characters. The children discussed their favourite books and why they liked them. Throughout the day, the children had the opportunity to read lots of their favourite stories. 

The children also celebrated Mother’s Day by making cards with paint and pasta, creating a sun with the pasta and paint. This has helped the children use their fine motor skills and helped add texture to their cards. The children then all had a go at writing in their cards; some children wrote their name and others wrote a bit more, if they felt they were able to. 

For St. Patrick’s Day, Pre-school had fun mixing green powder paint with water, using it to print 4 leaf clovers. The children also made leprechaun hats out of lollypop sticks. The children practiced their threading skills by treading a 4-leaf clover. 

Throughout March, the children have shown a keen interest in water play in the garden and have been working together in teams to build water runs. The children have had fun jumping and splashing in the water and have spoken about the risks of jumping in the water too. 

The children in Pre-school have done a lot of work this month on their colours and have been talking about how mixing certain colours can make new colours. In Jolly Phonics, the children looked at ‘A’, ‘T’, ‘P’ and ‘N’. The children have been looking for things around the nursery that began with these letters. They learnt how to pronounce the letters, the song and actions, and then practised writing them. 

What’s coming up in April

Next month across all the rooms at nursery, we will be looking at Easter and doing a variety of activities to help celebrate it. The children will use their creativity to make cards and will also be involved in a variety of different baking activities. The children will also be celebrating St. George’s Day by creating some flags. 

The children in Pre-school are going to be continuing planting and growing vegetables in the garden throughout April. Next month, Pre-school will be looking at the letters ‘C’, ‘K’, ‘E’, ‘H’ and ‘R’ during their Jolly phonic sessions. 

We are also very excited as we have some caterpillars arriving at the nursery! The children are going to watch them grow into butterflies and then release them when they are ready. This will give the children a chance to learn about caterpillars and butterflies, and they will be able to experience all of the changes taking place.

Other important information

This month, we had Jinny join our team. Jinny will be helping in both rooms on our busier days. A very warm welcome to the team!

Please make sure any clothes, coats, and shoes that come to nursery are named. Could I please ask for 3 spare sets of clothes. 

If parents are still experiencing problems with Parent Zone, please contact me and I will look into this for you. 

Within the next few weeks, if you have not already, your child/children’s summatives should appear on Parent Zone. If you have any issues, please let me know.  

Thank you all for your continued support.

Helen Ince, Nursery Manager

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