Jun 23, 2021

Fen Drayton June News: Playing Shops, DIY and Animals

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Welcome to June’s Newsletter! We have had lots of fun in the sun this month, and have made the most of it with some lovely picnic teas outside. We hope all of our wonderful parents and carers enjoy hearing what we’ve been up to.

June news

This month pre-school and some of the older 2-3 year olds helped take down our old climbing frame. The climbing frame had been up since the nursery had opened nearly 10 years ago and started to age and needed replacing. So the children got a chance to practice using screwdrivers and work as a team to safely take the old one down.

This month the Stars have been exploring different types of sensory play. We have had jelly, gloop, spaghetti and paint out for the children to explore with their hands or spoons. This gave the children a wonderful opportunity to expand their sensory experience with these activities and have lots of fun too.

The Stars have also had lots of fun playing in the role play area with the kitchen and dolls. This has helped the children develop their imaginative play as they role play within the kitchen pretending to make things, bang pots and babble as they play. This also hugely helps develop social and language skills.

The children have been making some lovely Father’s Day cards to take home this month and have used a variety of ways to paint. They have used their fingers, hands and footprints to create the cards helping develop their sensory experience further. We have also enjoyed talking about what we do with our Daddies at home.

During June the children have shown a lot of interest in small world toys in the room, and have had different small world toys set out during their sessions. We have also mixed the zoo animals and farm animals out with different textures while the children have been playing. This has helped develop the children’s imaginative play, social skills and language skills.

Sunbeams have been showing a lot of interest in their routine this month, and we have been encouraging them to help where they can. The children have been very good at tidying up and getting the tables ready for their lunch, and they have also had a go at making their beds up at sleep time and remembering to make sure they can see their picture on their sleep bag, so that they know where there bed is.

The sunbeams made some lovely Father’s Day cards using different coloured card to make rockets. The children practised their use of scissors and one handed equipment to make their cards for Father’s Day. As they made the cards the children and staff talked about the shapes they used and the colours they were using to help develop their shape and colour knowledge further.

This month, pre-school have been learning about keeping their bodies healthy and safe, learning about the NSPCC PANTS rules, and talking about the importance of exercise, dental hygiene and cleaning our hands and bodies. The children then practiced their teeth brushing by cleaning dirt off of milk carton ‘teeth’, and using the mirrors to look inside their own mouths.

The children have shown an interest in role playing various shops, so we have used this to develop their understanding of money, talking about different currencies and amounts. We have then used our pretend coins and notes to buy toys, with the children adding up the change.

Preschool also enjoyed making Father’s Day cards for their loved ones, independently selecting resources and creating them in their own style. They then practiced their letter formation as they wrote their names or messages inside.

The phonics that we have looked at this month have been the letters g, o, u, l and f. Next month, we will learn about the letters b, y, x and j.  We will look at the phonic sign, song and practice our letter formation.

What’s coming up next month

On 1st July we will be celebrating Canada day, then continuing with our North America theme we will be celebrating Independence day on 4th of July. We are excited to celebrate Eid al-Adha between 19th and 23rd of July. 

From the 23rd of July  to the 8th of August it is the Summer Olympics, which we’re so excited to recreate in the nursery. Finally, 30th of July is International Friendship Day.

Also on July the 16th we will start to say goodbye to some of our pre-school friends as they leave to join school. We wish them all the best on their next adventure in their learning and hope they will come and see us again.

Other important information

Please can we ask for named sun-hats and sun cream to come to nursery as we have started having some nice weather and the sun can get strong quickly.

From the 1st of July our social media pages will be going over to The Old Station Nursery’s accounts. Please do like and follow all of them to see what your little ones have been up to. You can follow them by clicking on each of the following: FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

To all leavers, can you please let us know the leaving date for your child/children. Also, can you let us know if you are planning on your child staying on and using the holiday club. Any children staying on for the first week in September will be charge full rate for these days, as stretched funding ends the 31st of August.

We have had Jess join our team this month, so a warm welcome! At the moment she will be in the Babies’ room and will be training to do her Level 3 with us. We look forward to supporting her to gain her qualification.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be putting a box of clothes out. Please take a look, after a few weeks anything left will be washed and add to out spare clothes box.

Thank you all so much for your continual support!

Helen Ince, Nursery Manager

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