Apr 28, 2021

Fen Drayton April News: Creative Activities, Obstacle Courses and Life Cycles

Fen Drayton April News

Welcome to our newsletter for April. We hope you are all well. This month, we have been making the most of the outside areas as the weather has been improving and the children have even had a few picnic teas in the garden!

April news

On the 1st of April, all the children in nursery took part in an Easter Egg hunt. The children all helped each other look for eggs and then they put them into an Easter basket ready for home time. The children all had lots of fun working together to find the eggs and did an excellent job!

Throughout April, the children in Stars have been very creative. They have had lots of fun gluing, sticking, painting and mixing in the room to create a number of different crafts. The children made St George’s Day flags, some flowers and birds for their Spring display, and salt dough creations for Earth Day. All of these creative activities have helped the children develop their fine motor skills, creative skills and develop their use of one-handed tools. Also this month, the Stars have also shown a keen interest in the sand and mud kitchen, mixing these together in the saucepans. This has supported the children’s sensory development. 

This month in Sunbeams, the children have had lots of fun using the balancing beams in the garden. The children have been placing the beams on the tyres and walking across them. This is helping the children to develop their balancing skills, helps them assess small risks and helps develop their gross motor skills. During April, the children celebrated St George’s Day by creating their own flags. This activity helped the children develop their fine motor skills, use of one-handed tools, knowledge and understanding of St George’s Day, and helped develop their creative skills. 

The Montessori activity that the children have focused on the most this month is the cylinder blocks and pink tower. This activity involves the children organising the blocks into the right order in size. This helps the children with size recognition and with their hand eye co-ordination. 

During April, the children in Preschool have done lots of creative activities in the garden using paint and chalk. The children have particularly enjoyed drawing the shadows that they have seen in the garden. Also this month, the children have been learning about the different insects in the garden now that it is Spring. They have even looked after their own caterpillars, checking up on them as they formed their cocoons and turned to butterflies. The children then released them in the garden. This has helped them learn about life cycles and how they develop through their life.

For Earth Day, Preschool learnt all about recycling; sorting different objects based on their material and decided which bin they needed to go in. The children also talked about all the ways in which they could help the planet; such as by walking and cycling instead of driving and turning off electronics that they are not using. 

Preschool also celebrated St George’s Day this month, learning about the story of St George and making their own English flags using paint and pasta.  

In phonics this month, the children have been focusing on the letters N, C, K and E. The children were challenged to find objects around the room beginning with each letter. They also participated in letter formation with the sandpaper letters.  

What’s coming up next month

During May, the children will be celebrating International Space Day. We invite the children to dress up in space outfits to celebrate the day and they are going to bake some space themed biscuits. 

The children will also be exploring Spring a bit more and looking at baby animals and flowers that are around in springtime. The children will plant some sunflower seeds and watch their sunflowers grow; as well as caring for them to ensure they have everything they need to be able to grow. 

Preschool are going to be doing some more gardening and transferring their plants into the big planter in the garden. The school leavers are going to start to do more school activities, helping them with their transition to school in September. We will be talking about the school that they are going to and which of their peers are going with them to the same school. Next month’s phonics are going to be H, M, R and D. 

Other important information

A very warm welcome to Chloe who started with us this month. Chloe will be covering in both rooms due to how busy we are. All the children have met Chloe and have made her feel very welcome! 

Unfortunately, Meg will be leaving us the end of April. She has decided that she would like to presume a different career path. We wish her all the best in her future career. 

Next month, we have the photographer booked for Friday the 14th May. We will be taking a whole nursery photo, a Preschool photo and graduation photos for the school leavers. If your child does not attend on that day, you can come in on that day just for photos if you would like. 

Please can we ask for named sunhats and sun cream to come to nursery as the nicer weather means that the children will be spending even more time outside.

Ruth is going to be doing safeguarding training over the next couple of months. Once completed, she will become Safeguarding Leader alongside Helen. 

We will be starting to post social media content on The Old Station Nursery Group’s social media channels at the start of May. We encourage you to also follow their social media channels to keep up to date with all of our latest news and insights into nursery life. Follow the group pages by clicking here for Facebook, here for Instagram, here for Twitter and here for LinkedIn.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Helen Ince, Nursery Manager

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

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