Aug 31, 2021

Faringdon August News: Pirates, Pizza and Jungle Animals

Faringdon August

Welcome to all our new families joining us this term, we are delighted to have you with us and trust that you have all had great settling sessions and your children are excited to be with us. Please do ask if you have any questions at all.

August news

The month of August has been action packed, from pirates navigating the plank to jungle animals on the prowl, it has been an exciting summer of events and we hope you have all seen the wonderful events unfold on your child’s journals and on our social media pages? Thank you to you all for making such amazing efforts with costumes, props and show and tell items, we have enjoyed seeing them all.

As I write this the children are elbow deep in flour, making pizza bases for our baking week, the children are very adept at using tool for baking, the Pre-schoolers can comfortably use a vegetable peeler to peel carrots and potatoes, did you know on a standard peeler, you can turn the angle on the blade around, so that the only way they can peel is in the direction away from their body? Have a go at home, they really are able.

The baking skills incorporate so much of the early year’s curriculum, mathematical language to weigh and measure, but also learning the science behind ingredients, yeast is always a fascinating one to start with, how if makes the dough fluff up! It is at this time that we would normally send a yeast fermented sweet dough home to be fed by you all and baked in turn and passed around, a bit like a chain letter, but covid makes us a little apprehensive about doing this! You may end up with a bakery challenge of a different short this week, keep your eyes peeled on the journals for your tasks!

All ages take part in our event weeks, and the activities are set according to age and ability, we believe firmly in providing challenge and something a little different and we really hope the children have enjoyed these activities.

What’s coming up next month

Next month is the start of term and we are so busy with new starters and settling in visits, as I mentioned before, should you have any questions, please do get in touch. September is always a busy month for us, before we know it, we are getting ready for Christmas, updates about the all-important dates will be released to you very soon.

Other important information

If you are dropping off your child in the car park, please turn off your car engine whilst doing so. Also, please be reminded to park sensibly using all bays available. As term starts the car park will undoubtedly be busier at peak times.

Next nursery event will be our Halloween Party – Friday 29th October. More information to follow.

Thank you all for your recent reviews on Google, Facebook or Your kind words and feedback really do make our day and we really appreciate the time spent on leaving us a review. If you haven’t yet had the chance to write a review and would like to, we would be very grateful. You can do this on Google, Facebook or

Finally, if your child is leaving us at the end of this term to move up to school, their last day will be 31st August unless you have told us otherwise.  If your child is not starting school straight away and you would like them to come to us for any additional sessions early in September, do let me know so that I can check our availability.

Activity for home

If you are looking for something to do at home this weekend or over the coming months, why not give our activity at home a go! Be aware that some activities or ideas may need to be adapted to suit your child’s age and development.

Paint with your hands and feet

  • Get a long roll of lining paper, old wall paper or material
  • Choose what colours to use to decorate with
  • Then use your hands and feet to decorate the paper
  • Display the artwork in your windows for people to see

What will your child be learning?

  • Independence, creativity and choice
  • Mark making using their body
  • Sensory experience of paint on their body
  • Colours
  • Shapes and sizes
  • Developing gross motor skills
  • New vocabulary, e.g. big, small, red, blue, green, feet, hand, etc
  • Give meaning to marks they make

Please share photos of your child’s activity on the app. We look forward to seeing your child’s creations!

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Steph Dorling, Nursery Manager

Nursery child dressed up as a pirate
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Children photo booth
Staff treats

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