Mar 24, 2021

Colchester March News: Writing, Yoga and Role Play

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Welcome to our March newsletter.

This month, the children have celebrated and participated in lots of celebrations and events. It’s been a busy month, filled with lots of fun activities.

March news

This month has seen the Twinkle Star children join in with a number of national days and celebrations. They looked at their favourite stories for World Book Day as well as using the colours and symbols associated with St David’s and St Patrick’s Day to develop their mark making skills.

For Mother’s Day, the children enjoyed making personalised cards and choosing special flowers for their loved ones. The children have also showed their enjoyment of learning new nursery rhymes and actions this month, with them finding new favourites to share at home.

At the very end of March, the children will be celebrating the Hindu festival of colour, known as Holi. They will be following the traditions and customs of the festival; using powder paints and chalks outside to display the bright colours.

In the Sunbeams room this month, the children also celebrated Mother’s Day. They created beautiful cards for their loved ones. As mentioned in our last newsletter, the children have been working on their hand muscles for prewriting skills. The children have thoroughly enjoyed a range of malleable materials this month to extend this even further. They squeezed, pinched and rolled out a range of different dough to see what they could make.

The children have also participated in lots of tweezer activities, including colour sorting, which helps to develop their colour recognition and mathematical skills needed to enable them to group objects. These hand skills then led onto mark marking; the children have done really well, beginning to use a ‘tripod grip’ which you can help to encourage further at home through modelling to your children. They followed some basic patterns while using pens and pencils and have done such a good job!

We have also started to do group yoga sessions with the children, helping to develop the children’s physical skills. These have been a big hit and the children have enjoyed exploring the different moves. One of their favourites is ‘lion’s breath’.

The children also enjoyed doing lots of green and orange themed crafts for St Patrick’s Day. The children explored paint, coloured rice and coloured sand. Developing their expressive art and design skills, they made pictures, talking about each of the colours.

The children in Sunbeams have been working really hard to develop their 2D shape development this month and we will continue working on this throughout April. We look at the shapes involved in activities along with shapes that can be found in the environment. So far, the children have learnt circle and triangle!

In March, the children in Preschool have been super busy celebrating Mother’s Day and World Book Day. The costumes on World Book Day were fabulous! We had a footballer for Celtic and even a Tiger who came for tea!

This month, we have introduced the children to school uniform for them to role play with and pretend they are going off to school. This helps to make the whole transition to Reception slightly easier for the children. They have been taking turns to call out the register to make sure everyone is here as well as having discussions about school and the different coloured uniforms each school has. The children have also started visiting Reception’s playground at Braiswick Primary School which encourages the children to explore the environment with their key worker and their peers.

What’s coming up in April

Looking ahead to April, in the Twinkle Stars, we plan to continue our work towards colour recognition as the older children have begun to show a good understanding of colours. Our theme will be Spring as we enter the new season, with us looking at flowers and animals. With Easter fast approaching, the children will be creating cards and craft projects that they will be able to share with you at home.

Throughout April in Sunbeams, the children will be doing lots of Easter based activities. We are also looking forward to doing an Easter egg hunt in the garden with the children. Look out for all of the Easter crafts coming home with your children!

In Preschool, we are going to introduce P.E (Physical Education) to the children to also support their transition to school. We are asking parents to provide your child with either shorts or joggers, a T-shirt and maybe plimsolls for your child to change into. We will be encouraging the children’s independence skills to support them so that when they have P.E at school, they will be confident to either ask for help or can change themselves independently. P.E with us will happen at least twice a week. The days when we do this will vary as we want to make sure every child has the same opportunity and support.

We will continue to do school role play and visiting Reception’s playground. We would really appreciate that when you find out which school your child has been offered a place at, you let Jo, Heidi or Molly know so that we can ensure that we have the correct colour uniform to support your child; as well as making contact with the school to ensure your child has the easiest transition possible.

The Preschool children have also been talking a lot about food and what they would like to cook, so next month, we are going to be doing lots of cooking. We will talk about having a healthy balanced diet as well as the children’s likes and dislikes of food. We will be testing the children too when we do a blindfold taster session.

Other important information

As the Twinkle Stars room now includes more babies and younger children, we’ve made the decision to make our room shoe free. We kindly ask that outdoor footwear is removed when entering the room. You are more than welcome to bring in slippers or soft shoes that can be worn in the room and kept with us for ease of access. We also wish to remind about labelling bags and clothes to avoid any confusion or lost property.

Please remember to provide your children with appropriate clothing based on the weather. The children love to explore the garden in all weathers!

In March, Charis completed her Behaviour Training and will be putting some strategies into place over the next month. Most staff attended first aid training on Saturday 20th March. I will be undertaking another 4 workshops, all based around the new Early Years Foundation Stage that comes in to force in September. Jo Head is continuing her training on Autism.

The Summer Term begins on Monday 12th April for Term Time Only children.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and I look forward to the coming month.

Have a lovely Easter, hopefully the sun will shine!

Elaine Sim, Nursery Manager

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