Jun 23, 2021

Colchester June News: Bug Hunts, Cakes and Colours

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Welcome to our June Newsletter! We’ve had such a busy month here in Colchester making the most of all the lovely weather. We hope you enjoy hearing about what your little ones have been up to.

June news

In the Pre-School Room, the children have been busy exploring lots of different books. The first one being “Little Red Riding Hood”, where the children loved making their own brussel sprout soup using sprouts and water. They safely used a knife to cut the sprouts up with and spoons to mix, developing their fine motor skills. The other story was “The Colour Monster goes to School”; he uses different colours to express his feelings and talks about how he feels on his first day at school. We spent some time talking about our emotions starting a new adventure, but luckily all the pre-school children said they were so excited to start school in September! At circle time each child had the opportunity to talk about what makes them happy and sad when they were holding the colour monster. After this some of the children used their creative skills to draw their own colour monster. The children have been busy using their cooking skills, we have made pitta pizza, cheese twists and carrot cake. The children spoke about the different ingredients that we needed to use and how we measured them out into the scales. We spoke about oven safety and how an adult must use the oven using special gloves as it is very hot.

One of our parents kindly bought in their child’s butterflies that they had received and grown for their birthday to share with us. He wanted to let them go with his friends. We spoke about the life cycle of the butterflies and how their wings are symmetrical. The children had a go at making their own butterflies using scissors, then painted on one side before folding it to make the wings look the same.

In pre-school the children have shown a big interest in bugs, so we went on a bug hunt in the garden. The children used the bug catching equipment to find snails, spiders, slugs, ants and beetles to look at them up closely. We spoke about where the different bugs like to live and how they look different to each other. The children explored the colours of the bugs further by mixing paints to make the right colour for those bugs. One of the pre-school children even saved a big spider by getting it in a cup and putting it outside.

This month we have received some Early Years Pupil Premium, with this we have bought hospital and fire station themed resources, colour sorting bugs, interlocking blocks, brio, tap tap and dolls house with some furniture. We can’t wait to see all of the children enjoying these new resources.

This month in Sunbeams the children have had lots of fun! Not only have we been exploring our new resources, but we have also celebrated Father’s Day in which we made cards and pictures for the special men in our lives. The children spoke about why they love their special people and what’s special about each of them. The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring our new light table, they have explored a different range of sensory materials inside it such as coloured water, coloured squidgy shapes and even gelli baff which we had lots of fun with. The children spoke about the different textures they could feel as they tried hard to describe what it felt like.

The children have been exploring our home corner this month with the new cuttable fruit and vegetables, they made all different types of meals some including cakes, so to facilitate their learning we made real cakes! The children each had a turn at measuring out the ingredients in which they used their mathematical skills, they looked for the correct numbers on the scales and stopped pouring when they could see it. We then had to count out the eggs and try to crack those carefully into the bowl – we didn’t want crunchy cakes! Once all the ingredients were measured out the children worked hard using their gross motor skills to mix it all together.

We explored the garden using the large pattern rollers, the children rolled them through water and then looked at what patterns they could make on the floor using the rollers, they then used water and paint brushes to see if they could make the same marks.

The children have also enjoyed colour sorting this month, we have some new colour sorting animals and tweezers and the children have been enjoying recognising the animals and working hard to try and pinch them to pick them up, strengthening their hand muscles developing their prewriting skills.

We have also begun to grow our own cress! The children put some cotton wool in pots and then sprinkled the cress on top; over the course of the week, we have been watering them daily and watching the grow and everyone has been very excited to see them sprouting. We hope you continue with these at home, and we would love to see pictures of how yours has come along.

In the Twinkle Stars room, the children have enjoyed being outside a lot more as the sunshine came, and have used various cups and containers to fill and pour the water in our trays, as well as working together to build sandcastles and make “yummy food” in the sandpit. Inside, this month has seen the children collectively shown keen interest in the building blocks and have all engaged in building towers and simple constructions. As well as at the craft table, the Twinkle Star children have used different resources to create patterns and marks in paint. For our theme of special people this month, the children have made cards and gifts to share with home and we’ve had the dolls house and small world people to explore simple understandings of homes and family dynamics.

What’s coming up next month

Next Month in pre-school we will be supporting the children with their next adventures, and will be having lots of discussions about schools and what they may do at school. We will also be carrying out messy activities, and promoting language skills and turn taking with our peers.

Next month in Sunbeams we are going to be working on our transitions to pre-school, having lots of play sessions in there and talking about what might be different in that room. We are also going to further develop our mathematical skills with lots of number activities.

Looking ahead to July; with the summer holidays approaching, our theme will be ‘Summer’ so our activities will include beach days in the sandpit and water play. Our older children will begin their transition period ahead of their move to Sunbeams in September, so over the course of the next few weeks and into the summer holidays, we’ll arrange play visits for those children to familiarise themselves with the room and staff.

Other important information

Just a reminder to please bring in a bag for your child/children as we do have lots of messy activities out, so they need changes of clothes. We are more than happy to keep the bag at nursery until the end of the week.

Please can you ensure if your child/children have a packed lunch it is a healthy packed lunch, trying to avoid nuts, chocolate and sweets, to comply with our allergy and healthy eating policy.

Please can parents still wear masks when entering the building, Covid is still around, and we are trying our best to prevent any cases here so we would appreciate your support again as you have throughout the whole pandemic. There is also hand sanitizer on entering the building for you to use too. Thank you for your co-operation.

From the 1st of July our social media pages will be going over to The Old Station Nursery’s accounts. Please do like and follow all of them to see what your little ones have been up to. You can follow them by clicking on each of the following: FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

Thank you all so much for your continued support.

Jo Head, Deputy Manager

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

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