Apr 28, 2021

Colchester April News: Physical Skills, Park Visits and School Transitions

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Welcome to April’s newsletter!

The children have had a very busy month, participating in lots of activities for Easter, gardening, and starting the transitioning for big school! We have added a Fairy Toad stall in our free flow garden along with a few accessories which the children have enjoyed engaging with; acting out stories and using the props.

April news

April has flown by and the Twinkle Star children have been busy throughout the month. We started the month off with Easter, with the children making cards, exploring coloured eggs and using Easter themed ink stampers to create colourful pictures.

We have continued with our work towards colour recognition with the children, partaking in colour matching activities as well as using paints and cars to create lovely colourful track pictures to decorate the display boards.

The topic of the month has been Spring and the children have enjoyed being outside a lot more in the lovely weather. They have lent a helping hand in planting plenty of new flowers in our free-flow garden, developing physical skills such as scooping and pouring as they went. This activity also helped develop the children’s language, using words such as “dig”, “grow” and “plant”. The team and children are excited to welcome the new children who will be joining us in the coming weeks.

This month in Sunbeams, we have seen Easter come and go! The children enjoyed carrying out some baking for Easter. They made Easter cakes and decorated them to look like Easter eggs. The children used their mathematical skills during this activity as they concentrated hard to weigh out each of the individual ingredients. The children attempted to recognise some of the numbers on the scales to ensure that they had the right amount of mixture.

The children have also been practising their scissor skills this month. The children watched the team demonstrate how to hold them and then worked really hard to hold them the same way. Lots of careful snips in the papers were made and the children did very well.

Throughout April, the children have also shown a strong interest in animals so to facilitate their learning, the children participated in some animal painting. The children stamped the feet of animals onto paper and they then asked their peers to guess which animal it was. This activity also helped to promote the children’s social skills and development.

Now we are over the main part of the pandemic (we hope!), we are able to visit our friends and family again. This has prompted lots of conversations about the children’s lives and their families; as well as the exciting things that they have been able to do again!

Furthermore, we have been able to adventure out of the nursery this month! The children visited the local park to develop their physical development. While we were there, the group sat in a circle singing songs and listening out for different sounds in the environment. This helped the children to develop their listening and attention skills.

During the month of April, the Preschool children have really enjoyed visiting Braiswick Primary School as part of their transition, and some are even saying which teacher they hope to get! As mentioned last month, we are starting to do a small physical exercise activities with the children and support their independence with changing into PE kit. We are also beginning to make a transition board for the children so, if you can please let us know which school your child will be going to, that would be much appreciated.

Also this month, the children enjoyed getting creative for Easter and made a variety of master pieces; even painting with potato mashers which made the prints look like Easter eggs! We have also been rhyming again this month as the children have really enjoyed this activity and are now showing their own sense of humour by making up nonsense rhymes!

In the role play area, the children have been imitating going to school, wearing a uniform and taking turns to do registers calling out the children’s names. This will all help with the transition to school in September.

What’s coming up next month

Looking ahead to May, the Twinkle Stars topic will be ‘Nature’. We’ll be aiming to be outside a lot more, checking on the plants, looking for mini beasts and natural wildlife.

Next month, the children in Sunbeam will be looking at their transitions to the Preschool room. The children are very excited to be moving up so we will be visiting the room and playing with their resources with the children’s key workers close by for reassurance. We will also be looking at photos of the room and discussing what activities they will be doing as well as getting to know the different staff.

In May, Preschool will continue with activities based around the transition to school to ensure that the children have the best possible transition in September.

The children will be also be focusing on their sounds, numbers and fine motor skills in the next month. They will be doing lots of dough gym, cutting activities and practicing holding markers in a tripod grip. On Tuesday 18th May, we are planning a Teddy Bears picnic in the park, so we invite all Preschool children to bring in a Teddy that day.

Other important information

I hope you will join me in welcoming 5 new staff members to the team, following an increase of children joining our nursery. Riah Carroll is Level 3 qualified and has joined the Twinkle Stars room along with Kelsey Grace, who is an Apprentice. Merse Harvey joined us last week and he is Level 2 qualified and will be working in Twinkle Stars and occasionally, in Sunbeams. Ella Willcox is Level 3 qualified and joined the Sunbeam room. Lastly, we welcome a new Nursery Cook called Jean Claude. A very warm welcome to everyone!

Jo and I have just completed a Level 3 in Safeguarding. Jo has also completed her Level 4 in Child Development, well done Jo. Riah, Kelsey and Louise have just completed their Level 1 in Safeguarding.

As the government have lifted some restrictions but not all, unfortunately we still have to follow the guidelines set out by the DFE and the local authority; any child or staff member who presents any of the three main symptoms of Covid – a cough, a high temperature or loss of taste – will be sent home to obtain a PCR test from one of the centres or a test by post. If you decide you don’t want to get your child tested, then an isolation period of 10 days will need to be completed before they are allowed back in to nursery. The Rapid Antigen Test (self-test) is for people who present no symptoms of Covid and are done as a precaution. These results will not be accepted if your child is sent home showing one of the three symptoms. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Please can you provide your children with weather appropriate clothing, along with suncream and hats! Our children love to explore the garden but we need to put safety first.

We will be starting to post social media content on The Old Station Nursery Group’s social media channels at the start of May. We encourage you to also follow their social media channels to keep up to date with all of our latest news and insights into nursery life. Follow the group pages by clicking here for Facebook, here for Instagram, here for Twitter and here for LinkedIn.

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Elaine Sim, Nursery Manager

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