May 27, 2021

Boston May News: Birds, Maths and Gardening

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Welcome to May’s newsletter. I hope you’re all keeping well and looking forward to the hopeful plans of COVID restrictions easing. You may notice that the children have been taking part in more messy and creative activities as well as using fabrics and dressing up. Most of which had recently been off limits unless in isolated small group activities. In order to safely allow these resources to make their way back into the children’s day to day provision, we have ensured our weekly fogging has increased to 2 days of the week and strict cleaning measures are, of course, still in place. The children are absolutely thriving and we can’t wait to see the impact that this exposure will have on the children’s next baseline assessments. 

 I’d like to also take this time to thank you all for your patience over previous weeks when we had inconsistent diaries and EYLOG entries due to a problem with the internet. The children were, of course, still participating in wonderful activities, it was just the photos and observations surrounding these activities were not uploaded. The problem is now resolved so everything should be back to normal. Please bear with the team as they find the time to upload all of these drafts and get back up to date.  

May news

This month, the children in Hedgehogs have been reminiscing about beach days with their lovely sandy tough spot. It’s been great to see the children enjoying sensory play again. They have also enjoyed exploring the playdough and surprisingly not tried to eat too much of it!

As part of National Walking Month, Jordan and Emily took a small group of babies for a short walk around the local environment with some little hand made bird books. The children communicated excitedly with babble and even some words spoken by the older of the group, repeating the word “bird”. Emily and Jordan have noticed that when in the garden, the children really love looking in the forest area at the birds and bug hotel, and so are putting a request out to their parents that if you have any clay pots, old crates, large logs etc they would be gratefully received. This way, the babies can have their own little bug hotel in the garden.  

Throughout May, the children in Robins also took part in National Walking Month and more specifically, the walking to nursery week. The team also took a small group of children for a sing along stomp around the car park this month. This was a great opportunity to teach the children “stop, look and listen” when crossing the road. The children also practiced simple instructions such as “stop” and “go”.

During May, the Robins children have been exploring all different kinds of flowers. They love exploring them further by breaking them up and looking at the petals. Beccie plans on doing lots of planting and growing with the children, and has already got some parsley and mint ready to plant. 

Meanwhile, in Squirrels, the children have enjoyed watching the first stages of caterpillar growth this month. Unfortunately, a little accident occurred with the caterpillars but the children did manage to observe the caterpillars grow from tiny worm like caterpillars into bigger chunky caterpillars and then onto cocoon stages. Luckily, the pre-school also have caterpillars, so the children will witness the end result and be part of the release.

The Squirrels children have received a lovely new water tray and have absolutely loved playing with the water and sand. The children are working hard on sharing and turn taking skills so any contribution that you can make to that at home is going to be supportive to the whole group. Just simple things like drawing together and encouraging the anticipation of them waiting for the colour they so desire while you finish your part.

Also this month, the children have been having lots of fun carrying their mark making box into the garden to do outside drawing. This box of treasures includes paint brushes, chalks, glue, Sellotape, cardboard, paper and all sorts of different things for the children to create pictures with using the outside elements.

And last but not least, this month in Fox’s, the team have really been building up their connections with local schools. The transition is well and truly in swing now and we have already had a few primary school teachers come to play. Sian has been attending walk and talk sessions on the big playgrounds where we are passing on all of that important information to the reception teachers, ready for your little ones big step into school! 

The children in Fox’s have been enjoying playing aiming games and as usual, the team have used this as an opportunity to introduce early maths; using numerals as targets, to then add together. The children think this is great fun and have no idea about the amazing learning that is taking place. They have also been busy playing in the garden, even in the rain, where they showed me how to take shelter. Together, they have built fairy houses because apparently a dragon destroyed a little fairy village. It’s great to see the children recasting their forest school experiences and putting those skills to use while they play.

What’s coming up next month

Next month, we are hoping for some sunnier and warmer weather so that they children can enjoy and explore their outdoor environment even further. In addition to a number of exciting and engaging activities throughout the month, the children will be getting creative in preparation for Father’s Day on the 20th June.

Also next month, the Fox’s are holding a meet and greet evening for the children who are currently in Squirrels but will be moving up to Fox’s in the September. This is a great opportunity for you to meet the staff team and find out a little bit more about the school preparation and how it differs to the experiences elsewhere in the nursery. This will take place on Tuesday 8th June between 6pm and 7pm. Please let a staff member know if you would definitely like to attend.  

Other important information

Please note that Monday 31st May is a bank holiday and the nursery will be closed.

Thanks you all for your continued support.

Gemma Lambley, Nursery Manager

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