Mar 24, 2021

Boston March News: Ducks, Snails and Salons

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Welcome to our March Newsletter!

Wow, isn’t this year flying by already? With the end of Lockdown in sight and signs that Spring is underway, I hope this brings lots of happiness to you all.

A very warm welcome to all of our new families who joined us this month. Everybody seems to be settling into their surroundings wonderfully.  

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that has recently left us a review on daynurseries. Every time we receive a notification, the comments really touch home and make us feel so appreciated. It’s great to see the impact we have.  

March news

Throughout March, we have been busy celebrating World Book Day, Mother’s Day and Red Nose Day. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all of the social media posts and EYLOG updates, keeping up to date with all of the fun activities taking place. This week, we also shared a beautiful collage of the photos sent in from the carnival crown competition. If you missed it, take a look through our social media channels. A huge congratulations again to the 3 winners of the competition!  

This month, we discovered something truly beautiful here at Sandhills Boston! When we first met Imogen, one of the staff members from Squirrels, she told us how she likes to play music and that she sings in a band. This was something that drew me to her in the first place, hearing about her creativity. To finally hear her gorgeous voice singing along to her guitar was a really special moment. Imogen shared this lovely talent with each of the rooms in the nursery, at a social distance, of course. Thank you for this Imogen, we hope we can hear you sing again soon!

Throughout March, the Hedgehogs children have been enjoying lots of free-flow in their little garden. Now that it’s a bit dryer, the children are getting outside more than ever. They are really enjoying the slide and making cups of tea in their outside kitchen. Inside, Jordan has been carrying out lots of activities around the 5 little ducks song as this is a firm favourite with the children. They have enjoyed lots of sparkly blue glitter play as well as exploring feathers to make their own little ducks.

Jordan has a beautiful new display in her room with lots of visual reminders for the children of the fun they have had. Whilst the children are still very young, lots of early mathematics is taking place, with the team singing and counting, and using numerals to represent the amount of ducks. 

We are also thrilled to have Emily back in Hedgehogs who has been absent for January and February due to having a foot operation. She’s doing fantastically and is loving being back with all of her key children.  

Now Robins have separated into their own little bubble, they are really enjoying their new and improved space. Beccie and Tammy both dedicated a Saturday to come and transform the room and it really is tailored beautifully to the age of the children. My favourite area is the reading area. Something the children loved about being in the baby room was their pet snails, so since moving, the team have created a display with a transferable large sensory snail called Smithy. He’s velcro and so can be taken on and off the board for the children to explore. Their learning journey is going to be visually documented on the display. What a lovely idea to transition the children into their new room!  

Over in Squirrels this month, the children have really enjoyed all things salon; perfectly fitted out with with some elaborate enrichments from the team’s homes including table top mirrors and nail painting items. In doing this, the children are practicing their sharing and turn taking skills as well as learning about colour mixing to create pastel shades of their choice for the nail salon. 

Following on from another interest that’s been ongoing for over a month now, the children absolutely love jack and the beanstalk, so, Shannon made a large beanstalk with a castle at the top! We have also been blessed with more creativity from our staff team with Imogen bringing in her guitar from home as mentioned above. The Squirrels children are lucky enough to have Imogen based in their room so get to listen to her beautiful singing voice more often than not 

And finally in Foxes, the children have been super busy, as always. As part of International Women’s Day, the children have been having conversations around important women and have become quite fixated on the Queen. If you ask them about her, they may be able to tell you a few key facts!

Following on from some previous interests about engineering, the children have also been busy constructing a strong bridge for the 3 billy goats gruff; as well as making little mechanical robots, using materials such as bolts, screws and malleable playdough and clay to connect parts together. 

This week, I have been busy getting lots of information and resources together for Sian regarding a frogs life cycle. If your children tell you there’s frog spawn in the water tray at nursery, don’t worry, it’s just chai seeds! It’s great to see the children so excited about learning and we use these interests as a tool to roll in other development goals such as number recognition, for example.  

What’s coming up in April

With Easter fast approaching, each of the rooms will be busy creating little Easter surprises ready to take home at the end of term.  For those children that attend all year round, we have even more Easter themed activities and surprises to look forward to!

In April, the children will also be participating in and celebrating National Wildlife Week, The Queen’s birthday, Earth DaySt. George’s Day and many more events. We look forward to sharing all the fun activities that the children get up to which help support them with their learning surrounding these celebrations and events.

Our Showaround event is taking place on Saturday 10th April and we are pretty much fully booked with families that joined us during the pandemic, who didn’t get to properly see the nursery! I am so looking forward to giving you all that long awaited tour 

Other important information

For those that attend term time only, we break up on Tuesday 30th March and don’t come back until the 19th April. You can book in sessions during the Easter break at fee price. Please contact the office for more information on this if it’s something you require. 

If your child attends all year round, we are open as usual except for Good Friday and Easter Monday when we are closed.

I’d like to say a huge well done to Jodie who is currently undergoing her Level 3 SEN course as an addition to her current Special Educational Needs training. It’s important for Jodie to continue her professional development, enabling her to continue supporting the staff team with all of the knowledge underpinning how best to support children in making progress. This is great for the nursery as a whole and lots of information has already been cascaded down to the team.  

By the end of April, we are looking to make the move from the online learning journeys with EYLOG over to Parent Zone. Do keep your eyes peeled for the invitation to register with the new app. I know some parents are already registered but it is being sent out gradually to all parents so please don’t worry if you haven’t received yours yet. The app is called Parent Zone and will act in the same way EYLOG, in that you can view both your child’s learning journey and your invoices.  

We are posting lots of content on the group social media channels. If you have Facebook and Instagram, please do follow us so that you can keep up to date with all the fun things we get up to during the week. Follow us by clicking here for Facebook or here for Instagram.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Gemma Lambley, Nursery Manager

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