Jul 23, 2021

Barnt Green July News: Bumblebees, Sunflowers and Teeth Cleaning

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

July has been a lovely month full of sunshine and garden time, some days were very hot so the staff have been introducing novel ways to keep the children cool, with lots of water play, hose play and water transporting! In July we have started saying a fond farewell to some of our pre-schoolers as they leave to start the next chapter of their lives. We wish these children and their families all the best; you will most definitely be missed. We have also welcomed new children to join our nursery family who have settled so well and we are very proud of them, its not always easy for young children to settle in new environments and with new people, but the children have been amazing.

July news

Babies have been enjoying the sunshine and cooling down in water, by playing with balls, pots and bubbles. In garden time they have had the paddling pool to play in, and they have been able to explore the newly refurbished garden! With this lovely new environment, the children have been developing their climbing on the steps up to the slide, as well as enjoying the ride ons.

The Toddlers have had lots of garden time and have really enjoyed learning skills in football and tennis, in line with the children’s interests of the Euros and Wimbledon. The children practised kicking and throwing footballs, and also hits balls with the racquets (our budding superstars were fabulous; Andy Murray and Harry Kane need to watch out!).

The younger pre-schoolers have been learning about all things summer-y, particularly looking at how important bumble bees are to us. Some of our sunflowers we have been growing have flowered, so the children have discussed the changes they have seen and how we look after plants and flowers. With the lovely hot weather, we have taken extra care to remember to water them.

July has been so busy for preschool, and they have been learning so much! They had a lovely activity around teeth where they had a discussion about why it is important to look after our teeth and how we could do this. The children knew that sweets and chocolate are bad for our teeth if we have too much but a treat is fine, however we must just remember to clean our teeth. The children had a teeth cleaning activity for this where bottoms of bottles acted as teeth, and the children cleaned off food and germs so that our teeth wouldn’t get cavities.

The children have enjoyed rhyming strings, the sillier the better! The children are doing so well to recognise key sounds, in order to be able to create rhymes and also learnt to recognise rhyme in stories.

Preschool have also been in the garden investigating water, and exploring ways of moving water from one place to another. They worked as a team using tubes and pipes to move water from one place to another. The children worked our quickly that if the pipes were raised at one end the water was able to flow easily!

What’s coming up next month

The older babies have shown a real interest in singing nursery rhymes, and are beginning to join in with words. They will even approach the practitioners and initiate song time by singing recognisable words from songs! Next month we will be using their interest in songs to develop mathematical language using number songs and puppets.

The 2-3s next month are following interests of transport, so will be having discussions on what is our favourite mode of transport is, and learning new names for a variety of vehicles that some children may not have seen before. The children will be given the opportunity to create pictures and models of different vehicles. The toddlers will also be looking at similarities and differences between themselves and their peers; learning that we are all different in ways but also the same in others.

The 3 year olds next month will be focusing on numbers and shapes. Noticing numbers and shapes in the environment and number names through play. The children have spent time with the older pre-schoolers and enjoyed their funny rhyming strings, so this is something we will look at during August.

For the preschoolers next month, the focus will be on friends, sharing experiences together and discussions about feelings. How the children are feeling about the upcoming move to school will be addressed, sharing excitement but also any worries so we can talk the worries through as a group.

Other important information

If you have any holidays or days absent from nursery planned, please do inform us, as it’s our safeguarding policy to keep children safe and if due to be in nursery and absent we will give you a call to check all is well. So that we don’t interrupt any family time please let us know when you will be absent from nursery.

For preschool parents with children leaving for school in September, if you haven’t already told us your child’s official last day at nursery could you do so in writing as soon as you know.

Please remember sun hats and sun cream everyday or leave a set at nursery so all children can go outside each day safely.

We just wanted to remind you of our Refer a Friend scheme. When you refer a friend and they join the nursery, we will thank you with a £100 discount off your next invoice. We know that you are always recommending us, so we just wanted to say a big thank you for your referrals. There is no limit on referring your friends, so please do refer as many people as you like! We are always very grateful for your support and look forward to welcoming more of your friends into our nursery family. For more information and terms and conditions, speak to the Nursery Manager.

Thank you for all your continued support.

Theresa Wright, Nursery Manager

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together
The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

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