Jun 24, 2021

Apricot Preschool June News: Baking, Ice and Ducks

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We would like to welcome all our parents and our new parents to our monthly newsletter. The nice weather has been so lovely this month, and we really have made the most of it with lots of outdoor play in the garden We hope you’ve all had a great month, and enjoy reading what your little ones have been up to!

June News

This month in Preschool, 1 the children have enjoyed lots of different water play to keep them cool in the hot weather. The children have been washing toys, filling and emptying different sized containers and have been getting creative doing water painting on the paving stones when it was cool enough to be in the garden using a range of resources which the practitioners facilitated.    

As Fathers Day was this month, we have all made cards to help celebrate our Daddies, Grandparents and special men in our lives. They each drew a lovely picture which we hope you have enjoyed seeing! This led onto conversations about different types of families. The children enjoyed looking at photos of our families from our ‘All About Me’ packs, and the practitioners encouraged the children to explore the different pictures and communicate about what they saw.  

The children have been enjoying lots of different messy/sensory play, for example making Play Dough by following instructions given to them by the practitioners. The children practised their weighing, measuring and concentrating skills. The children voted which flavourings and colours they wanted to mix in with ingredients. The children then used their finger muscles to create animals and other creations. To extend these measuring activity the children have been measuring their hands using different resources. The practitioners put a big piece of paper on the table, and the children then drew around their hands and each others. We then used the measuring stick to measure the size of our hands and the hands of the adults and compared who had the biggest and smallest hands. This mathematical development is so important in preparation for big school!

We have been learning different ways to self-regulate, such as sitting down to relax, reading a book, having a nap or listening to music. Self-regulation is a skill that allows the children to manage their emotions, behaviour, and body movement when they’re faced with a tough situation. It also allows them to do that while staying focused and paying attention.  

This month in Preschool 2 the children have been doing different baking activities. The children have had so much fun making Victoria sponge cake, cheesy bread rolls, cupcakes and shortbread. The children weighed out the ingredients by identifying the numbers on the scales, followed instructions explained to them by the practitioners and of course ate the yummy treats we made! We have been enjoying getting creative making our Fathers Day cards, talking about what makes our Dads, Granddads and special men in their life so special, what the children think they are good at and what the children like to do with them. 

The children have been enjoying lots of water and ice play to keep them cool in the hot weather. They spoke about how ice is made, both in the freezer and outside. This brought the children onto thinking about animals that live on ice and question how they live on the ice if it’s so cold! Scaffolding the children’s play, the practitioners challenged the children to think about how humans could live in a cold environment.  The practitioners have been challenging the children to think about what we must do when it is warm outside. The children thought about wearing sun cream, a sunhat and ensuring they are drinking lots. The practitioners used words such as Hydrate, UV rays, sun protection and temperatures.  

The children have also enjoying playing hook a duck with our friends. The practitioners set the task to find different numbers on the ducks and then the children had to match it with the other ducks with the correct number of dots on it, then writing different numbers by copying the numbers on the ducks. We have also been exploring the dentist and dental hygiene. The practitioners facilitated with a tuff tray all about teeth. The children were then set the challenge to squeeze out the toothpaste onto the toothbrushes to then brush the germs off the teeth. This led to discussions of how long we should all brush our teeth for, what the different types of teeth are called and what our toothbrushes look like at home. The children then spoke about what we should expect when we visit the dentist and what we should do to keep or teeth clean and healthy, as well as the children’s own experiences of the dentist.  

What’s coming up next month

Next month we will be sadly saying goodbye to some of our Preschool 2 children, who are off for their summer holidays before they start school. Before they go, we will be talking more about school and showing them different school uniforms that they may be wearing.   

In Preschool 1 we will be looking at transitioning into the next room and what the children are looking forward to learning. To follow this the practitioners will be encouraging the children in difference aspects of independence.    

Other important information

A quick reminder to term time only parents that the Summer term will end on Friday 16th July 2021.

From the 1st of July our social media pages will be going over to The Old Station Nursery’s accounts. Please do like and follow all of them to see what your little ones have been up to. You can follow them by clicking on each of the following: FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!  

Louise Wright, Preschool Manager 

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