Mar 24, 2021

Apricot Pre-School March News: Bugs, Books and Pirates

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

March news

This month, the children in Pre-school 1 have been talking about people in their lives i.e. mums, dads, and grandparents, and how/why they are special to us. The children have also been very creative doing lots of paintings and making their Mother’s Day cards.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed outdoor play this month. They have been using obstacle courses and the parachute in their play and particularly enjoyed learning the rules to the game “The floor is lava”. Whilst outside, the children have also been investigating the bug house and together, they have discovered ants, slugs, worms and lots of centipedes. To extend their learning, the team encouraged the children to draw their very own representation of their favourite insect which they found in the garden.

As well as bugs in the garden, the children also commented on the amount of birds they had seen and that some of them were trying to eat the worms. The children chose to make their own pictures of birds, with coloured feathers, pens and googly eyes too.

We also had a fire drill this month, so have extended the children’s learning about fire safety and other ways to keep safe when ‘out and about’ or how to keep safe when using certain tools/equipment within the Pre-school.

As we have had some new children join us this month, we have been refreshing and teaching the children the Pre-school rules. Using our persona doll, we have also been teaching the children about feelings and have given them different scenarios to solve. We have been using the emotion puppets to show the children different feelings and have encouraged the children to speak to the adults if they need a cuddle or if they need help/support.

The children have really enjoyed partaking in lots of singing and ring games and we have seen some confident children singing along with us. Stories have also been popular and we have been exploring special stories. The children have been learning about what makes us unique and have celebrated this in a positive way.

The children have also made character face masks from their favourite stories and have also been looking at how stories are structured.

In Pre-school 2 this month, the children have started to speak about growth and how this has occurred in the plants planted by the children. The children have had discussions about what plants need to grow and this has also then led onto talks about life cycles, where butterflies were also mentioned. To extend this, the children have been thinking about the changes in the environment that they have noticed. The children were set a challenge to look outside on their way to/from Pre-school or when out and about, to see if they noticed any changes to trees or flower beds; as well as looking in the morning to see how light it is and how it changes over the week. The children have noticed daffodils growing, buds on the trees and some beautiful trees in blossom.

Also in the garden, the children particularly enjoyed ‘digging for treasure’. This has been a keen interest for some children, so we decided to organise a Pirate themed day. The children participated in lots of activities such as, making eye patches and telescopes, and using Lego to build pirate ships. The children made their very own ‘Pirate snap’ game which helped to support their skills in concentration. We also organised a treasure hunt and the children had to listen to the clues and guess where the next clue was. Jolly phonics was incorporated into the treasure hunt, so children were learning whilst also having fun.

Inside, the children have been playing lots of ring games, such as ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ and ‘Mr. Bear Lives in a Cave’. The children did so well at staying focused and learning to wait their turn. We have also been encouraging the children to play ‘Connect 4’ as this has helped them to use numbers, count and recognise patterns.

As a nursery, all of the children celebrated St. Patrick’s Day this month and the children made Irish flags, shamrocks and played games. Instead of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, we played ‘pin the shamrock on the leprechaun’. We had green, white and orange water outside in the mud kitchen and the children pretended to make Irish stew. The children also had great fun making shamrock biscuits for teatime. We have taught the children about who St. Patrick was and what he did.

At the very beginning of March, the children also celebrated St David’s Day. We taught the children how to say good morning/hello in Welsh. The children also did some painting on reflective card to copy the mirrored daffodil they saw. The children also represented their own daffodil using a variety of materials. To finish the day, the children made some delicious Welsh cakes

March was an extremely busy month, with the children also celebrating World Book Day. It was so lovely to see you all dressed up; the children used their costumes as characters and made up stories to go alongside them. The children were challenged to create chairs for Goldilocks and houses for the little pigs. The team also created tuff trays to support the children’s learning of retelling stories. Other activities included making bookmarks and book covers. We hope you enjoyed the videos we uploaded of the lovely Pre-school team reading stories, to coincide with World Book Week.

What’s coming up in April

Just like in March, we have a fun packed month fast approaching. Of course, April brings us Easter which will provide great inspiration for many of our activities. The children will also be looking at Spring in more detail and continuing their investigations about what this means and the changes that are taking place in the environment.

Other important information

If your child is term time only, I would like to remind you the last day of term is Friday the 26th March and your child will return on Monday 12th April. If you do require any extra sessions, please speak to myself or Lauren and we’ll see if we have any availability.

For children that attend all year round, I would just like to remind parents, that we are closed on Friday 2nd April and Monday 5th April for Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Thanks to all of you for your continued support.

Vicki Hill, Unit Manager

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together
The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together
The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together
The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

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