May 27, 2021

Apricot Nursery May News: Sensory Play, Mark Making and Ring Games

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A very warm welcome to our monthly newsletter. May has been a busy month, full of engaging activities and fun learning experiences for the children. A very warm welcome to all of our new families who have joined us this month!

May news

This month in Twinkle stars, the babies have been exploring sensory play with oats, pasta and rice.  The practitioners have encouraged free play showing the babies different ways to play, building thinking skills.  

The children have also been developing their physical skills this month, through a number of activities inside and outside of the nursery. The children played with the bead frames, the rocking horse, the slide and the climbing frame.  

Also this month, the babies have thoroughly enjoyed making marks. They have exploring mark making by squishing blueberries onto paper and looking at the marks made as well as through mash potato play.  The children have also explored making marks with dabbers, chalks and whiteboards and pens.

The babies have also loved singing and music this month. Their favourite has been “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” and they have been trying to copy the practitioners actions. Some of the children enjoyed looking at the book ‘Clap Hands’ and to extend this further, we sang “If You Are Happy and You Know It.”

Throughout May in Shooting stars, the children have been really enjoying exploring all things sensory, taking particular interest in the activities involving shaving foam and corn flour. The children enjoyed exploring the different textures of the materials and enjoyed putting the toy cars through them to make marks, which help to develop their expressive arts and design as well as their fine motor skills.  

The children have also been enjoying reading and have particularly liked The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The practitioners set up a painting activity to extend the childrens learning and giving the children the opportunity to create their own hungry caterpillar. This helped to encourage their understanding of colours and their imagination.  

Also this month, the children have loved playing outside in the rain and have had great fun splashing in the puddles saying “Splash, Splash” after practitioners modelled the language. To facilitate the interest in water play, the practitioners did a washing the babies activity. The children have absolutely loved this activity as well as washing the cars and pouring water out in various different sized cups. These activities benefited their fine motor skills, expressive arts and design, space and measure and understanding at the world. 

The children have also explored lots of different textures this month. The team have set out lots of different trays with animals involving oats, spaghetti and pasta. The children really enjoyed exploring these different textures which was beneficial for their expressive arts and design.  

During May in the Sunbeams room, the children have also explored different textures such as mash potato, paint and dry and wet pasta.  

The children have also taken a big interest in looking for birds in the garden this month, so to further the children’s knowledge, the children made bird feeders made from cheerio’s and pipe cleaners. The children helped the practitioners to hang them on the trees for the birds to eat. Linked to this, the children have also been learning lots about animals; what noises they make, where they live and how to describe them.  

This month, the children have loved ring games such as ring a ring a roses, farmers in his den and parachute games. The children have also loved making their own obstacle courses in many different ways. They showed fantastic problem solving skills when they saw that it didnt t work and then rearranged the obstacle course.  

What’s coming up next month

We are hoping for some more sunshine as we head into June so that the children can continue to spend as much time as possible outside, exploring our outdoor areas. As well as the usual fun and interactive activities throughout the month, the children will be celebrating some special events in June such as Father’s Day on the 20th June.

On Friday 4th June, the Sunbeam children will be having a farm animal day so please feel free to dress your child as their favourite farm animal and bring an animal and a animal book to share with the room . 

Other important information

Please don’t forget that we have another bank holiday on Monday 31st May and will be closed.

Please can you send in pictures with a little paragraph of what you have enjoyed doing over the weekend.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Lisa Payne, Nursery Manager

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