Mar 24, 2021

Apricot Nursery March News: Gardening, Creativity and Dancing

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March news

This month in Twinkle Star’s, the children have been exploring all things sensory. From daffodils in shaving foam to glitter in the mud kitchen. The children have painted with string and made some pictures for the art board using Spring colours. We have also been listening to our fitness CD, encouraging the Babies to do some baby yoga; lots of stretching was involved.

In March, the children also celebrated World Book Day. We chose some of the children’s favourite books and using the tuff tray, we planned some fun and interactive activities based on them. This gave the children an opportunity to explore their own ideas whilst the practitioners narrated their play. This month in the garden, the children have helped to plant some pretty flowers. The children were given their own trowels and spades. The children have also planted herbs in the garden. To extend the activity, the practitioners cut some of the different herbs and put them into a tuff tray for the Babies to touch and smell. The children pulled some funny faces with this activity! They then made some herb pictures.

The children have also been doing many activities to celebrate Mother’s Day. The children made cards, choosing sponge shapes to print on their creations. They also decorated plant pots as gifts, with some seeds to grow. In addition, the children also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. The children created pictures by printing with pepper slices to represent shamrocks.

This month in the Shooting stars room, the children have thoroughly enjoyed reading, with the children always finding new books to read. The children have really enjoyed ‘Handa’s Surprise’ so to extend this, the practitioners set out a tuff tray to go alongside the book. On the 4th March, it was World Book Day and all of the children and practitioners dressed up as their favourite book characters. There were some excellent costumes!

The practitioners have been extending the children’s interests in sensory play this month; feeling different textures and finding different textures in the garden. The children have also been enjoying music and action songs. To further the children’s interest with this, the practitioners set out a dancing activity in which they were facilitated with dance shoes. The practitioners showed the children the dance moves and in response, the children copied the dance moves and explored the dance shoes by tapping them on the floor to see what sounds they made.

In March, the children have been helping the practitioners do some gardening. The children helped dig holes in the soil to plant the seeds and put the flowers in. They have also helped to water them at the end of the day.

The children have also been enjoying water play. They have used cups and pots to pour water down the guttering and then watching it come out of the other end into a bucket. This has encouraged a lot of mathematical language within their play such as “more”, “lots”, “fast”, “full” and “empty”.

In Sunbeams this month, the children have been celebrating St. David’s Day. The children played with yellow and green rice, and learnt some Welsh words to go alongside this activity. The children also looked at daffodils and created their own version by painting a picture.

We also celebrated World Book Day by all of the children dressing up as their favourite story book characters! Throughout the day, we read lots of stories and acted out the bear hunt story in the garden. The children have enjoyed exploring the garden in many way this month. The children planted and watered the flowers as well as taking part in a sensory walk.

Throughout March, the children have explored the different ways that they can use water; for example, they discovered that they can use it on the floor with brushes, create bubbly water with bubbles and have fun by pouring and filling up cups.

What’s coming up in April

We have lots to look forward to next month!

As with March, April brings us lots of exciting celebrations and events such as: Easter, the Queen’s birthday and St George’s Day – just to name a few. We will provide a number of activities for the children to explore these events and extend their learning even further. We will also be looking at all things Spring! 

Other important information

Please can you bring in or email in pictures of what you have been doing at the weekend. We love to see what the children get up to and it can also help to inspire some of the activities we do at nursery!

As the weather is changing please can I ask that you bring the correct clothing for the weather.

Thank you for your continued support.

Lisa Payne, Nursery Manager

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