Jun 24, 2021

Apricot Nursery June News: Wildlife, Race Tracks and Climbing

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We would like to welcome all our parents and our new parents to our monthly newsletter. The nice weather has been so lovely this month, and we really have made the most of it with lots of outdoor play in the garden We hope you’ve all had a great month, and enjoy reading what your little ones have been up to!

June News

This month in our Twinkle Stars room we have welcomed some new friends! It is so lovely to see the children settling in so well and building some wonderful relationships already. 

The babies have been creative this month and have showed an interest in mark making with paints and brushes and many other materials and tools; such as dabbers, whiteboards and pens, chalks, and mash potato play. To facilitate this, our practitioners followed the lead of our babies’ interests, promoting independence. The babies have also made blossom tree pictures using real petals to stick onto their trees.  

Throughout June we have also explored lots of different toys to support the rotation schema. The children have received some new toys to play with, they particularly liked the musical penguin! The children have also been spending lots of time outside, developing their physical skills through bead frames, rocking horse, slide and climbing frame. The weather has been lovely, and the children have thoroughly enjoyed their time outside! 

 The babies have loved singing, their favourite has been “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”. The babies have been trying to copy the practitioners’ actions and are doing exceptionally well. The babies have been showing a real interest in looking at books this month, and Emma has kindly brought in lots of new books for the children to enjoy. 

 This month in Shooting Stars the children have been really enjoying exploring all things sensory, taking particular interest in the activities involving shaving foam and corn flour. The children enjoyed exploring the different textures of the materials and enjoyed putting the toy cars through them to make marks, which help to develop their expressive arts and design as well as their fine motor skills.   

The children have also been enjoying reading and have particularly liked ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The practitioners set up a painting activity to extend the childrens learning and giving the children the opportunity to create their own hungry caterpillar. This helped to encourage their understanding of colours and their imagination.  

 They have really enjoyed playing outside in the rain and have had great fun splashing in the puddles saying splash, splash after practitioners modelled the language. To facilitate the interest in water play, the practitioners facilitated a ‘washing the babies’ activity. The children have absolutely loved this activity; as well as washing, they have enjoyed pouring the water out in various different sized cups. These activities benefited their fine motor skills, expressive arts and design, space measuring, and understanding of the world.  

The children have also enjoyed making their own wind chimes, they did their own mark making and were assisted in cutting them into shape of a butterfly. This helps to develop their expressive arts and design.  

 This month in the Sunbeams room the children have taken a keen interest in looking for birds in the garden. To further the children’s knowledge they made bird feeders from Cheerios and pipe cleaners, with the children helping the practitioners to hang them on the trees for the birds to eat. The children have been learning lots about animals, what noises they make, where they live and how to describe them. 

The children have been using the CD player to learn about loud, quiet, fast and slow. The children were given an instruction to jump up and down when the song was fast or to lay down and rest when the song was slow, and they all had so much fun with this game! We also have taken interest in cars, how they can travel on different roads which we furthered with a racetrack, watching the cars go round and round. 

What’s coming up next month

 We are hoping for some more sunshine as we head into July so that the children can continue to spend as much time as possible outside, exploring our outdoor areas.  As well as the usual fun and interactive activities throughout the month, the children will be celebrating some special events in July. 

Other important information

Please do keep applying sun cream to your child before they attend nursery. We do reapply sun cream throughout the day ensuring maximum protection all round.

From the 1st of July our social media pages will be going over to The Old Station Nursery’s accounts. Please do like and follow all of them to see what your little ones have been up to. You can follow them by clicking on each of the following: FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

Thank you for all your continued support!

Lisa Payne, Nursery Manager 

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