Feb 23, 2021

Apricot Nursery February News: Pancakes, Pyramids and Bubbles

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

February news

This month in Twinkle Star’s, the children have been enjoying lots of fun outside in the garden. The children have particularly enjoyed exploring the outside ramp, building on their physical skills by going up and down; as well as their critical thinking skills as practitioners facilitated learning with a planned activity rolling different objects down the ramp.

Inside, the children have enjoyed exploring sand. The team set up a beach themed tuff tray and the babies loved exploring the sand by making marks in it. The babies have also enjoyed celebrating Valentine’s Day. The babies made some pink playdough and cut out love heart shapes. We encouraged the children to help mix the ingredients to make the dough. We then role modelled how to use the cutters and explore the playdough. The babies also iced some biscuits for Valentine’s Day, which they loved doing.

The babies enjoyed tasting yummy pancakes for their snack as we celebrated Pancake Day on Tuesday.  The babies have also  explored edible paint which was made from yoghurt mixed with food colouring. The practitioners added pots and pans to role model to the children how they can be used. The practitioners communicated with the babies narrating their play through this activity.  This activity has helped the babies to develop their creativity and imagination as well as communication and language skills too.

The children have enjoyed lots of physical play and on Monday, the babies had fun with the soft play and rocking horses, exploring their physical skills and using their bodies to learn how to use the equipment safely. The babies have shown an interest in the small world animals and have explored many different tuff trays. To extend the babies’ interest in animals, the practitioners made a paint activity with the animals by making animal footprints and reading animals books.

Over in Shooting Stars this month, the children have been exploring different types of animals, including farm animals and snowy animals. The team encouraged this by creating meaningful and challenging tuff trays, narrating the children’s play throughout and reading books on animals, such as Elmer and Farmer Goose.

The children have also enjoyed lots of garden play, in all weathers! The children loved splashing in the puddles as well as blowing bubbles. To celebrate Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Week, the children have been looking at their heroes and dressing up just like them! The children have been showing the practitioners how brave they can be by participating in lots of risky play outside.

Overall, this month the children have developed their communication and language skills as well as their physical development, expressive arts and design, and their understanding of the world through playing and being happy.  The children have been enjoying the soft play. They have worked together to build towers, find new ways to get over the obstacles, balance on top and go under them. To further their interest of risky play, the children have been enjoying the garden equipment to balance, climb and slide down. With more practice and support from the practitioners, the children’s confidence grew as they continued to explore.

In addition to this, the children have recently shown an interest in bubbles. To further this, the practitioners facilitated the children with the resources to make their own bubble wands and bubble liquid and set the children the challenge to pop them with their friends.

The children have also shown an interest in the book ‘Elmer and Wilber’. To further their interest, the practitioners set a tuff tray with a ranges of activities including mark making of their interpretations of Elmer, colour recognition, reading stories and using tweezers to pick the pompoms to separate the colours. The children showed great concentration skills and fine motor skills. Additionally, the children have been busy getting messy and creative making their Valentine’s pictures and salt dough hearts, ready to take home. The children enjoyed making the dough, exploring the different textures while adding the ingredients, before painting them. The children showed great pride in their finished masterpiece.

The children in Sunbeam’s have been equally busy! The children have experienced lots of tuff tray activities, exploring different textures and small world animals. The children have been using their imagination in the garden with the big muddy puddles and they turned the water trough into a boat.

The children have enjoyed role play and to extend this, the practitioners have turned this area into a salon, so that the children can become hairdressers. The children have also enjoyed the transport puzzles, working together to complete the puzzle.

The children have also been busy cooking this week, making pizzas. They chose the ingredients they wanted to use and placed them on the pizza, ready to be put in the oven to be cooked.

We have looked at Egypt and the pyrmids this month too. The children have shown an interest in the book ‘Tiddler’ and so the practitioners designed a tuff tray to follow their interest of this book. Some of the children have been interested in dinosaurs, so we have also been looking at the foot prints they make.

On Tuesday last week, we celebrated Pancake Day. The children decorated their own pancakes, which they thoroughly enjoyed. To extend this, the practitioners made a pancake station in the role play area which helps the children to develop their imagination.

What’s coming up in March

We will be celebrating St. David’s Day on the 1st March. On the 4th of March, it is World Book Day, so we invite your children dress up in their favourite character from their favourite book. We are very excited to see everyone’s costumes and to share a love of reading.

On the 14th March we will be celebrating Mother’s Day. We will also be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th March too.  What a busy month we have in store!

Other important information

I would like to inform you that Ellie, our apprentice, will being working over at our Preschool from the 22nd February. This is so that she can continue with her studies with the older children in our care, Maisy will be joining us from Preschool as she needs to continue her studies as an apprentice with the younger children. Maisy will be working in Shooting Stars and Tora will be working in Sunbeams.

As the weather is changing, please can ask that you bring correct clothing for the weather.

Please can you bring in or email in pictures of what you have been doing at the weekend.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Lisa Payne, Nursery Manager

The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together
The Old Station Nursery Group - Creating Brighter Futures Together

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