Apr 29, 2021

Apricot Nursery April News: Sensory Activities, Outdoor Play and Junk Modelling

Child playing at Apricot nursery

Welcome to our April newsletter. What a busy and fun-packed month we have had here at nursery.

April news

As many of the babies from Twinkle Stars will be moving up to Shooting Stars soon, the children have been visiting the Shooting Stars room this month and having lots of fun discovering their new environment. We will miss all of the children moving up and we are very excited for them to embark on their next adventure.

This month, the Twinkle Stars have also had lots of new children joining. It is great to see the children settling in so well and making lots of new friends. The children have had lots of fun in the garden, playing in their sensory den, feeling different textures. They have also loved digging in the mud kitchen and in the sand, emptying and filling containers.

Throughout April, the babies have also loved playing with shaving foam, making lots of different marks. The children have shown a great interest in singing lots of different action songs as well as joining in with the actions.

In the Shooting Stars room this month, the children have been exploring their senses using their hands, eyes, noses and ears through a range of activities. The team have facilitated the children’s interest in sensory play by setting up different sensory tables and tuff trays. The children particularly enjoyed a table filled with foil, paint, shaving foam, cereals and rolling pins. The children were challenged to use different tools to mix, roll and crush the sensory items on the table.

In April, the children have also shown a keen interest in books. At snack time, the group have been reading during circle time. The children’s favourite book most recently has been ‘Tip Tip, Dig Dig’.

As the weather has been so nice this month, the children have also been playing in the garden; playing running games and learning new actions songs. The children have recently shown an interest in the farm animals which the team facilitated by setting up a tuff tray activity. The children were asked to choose a farm animal and then they learnt the Makaton sign for the animal they chose.

This month in the Sunbeams room, the children have been spending lots of time in the garden. The children have helped the team to clean the garden by pulling out the weeds and sweeping the floor. They found a golf club and had a go at using it to hit some plastic balls as well as a cat! This led onto a conversation about animals that live in our houses and how to take care of them.

The group have also been talking about recycling and found lots of things to use for junk modelling. With this, the children made a house and a train.

What’s coming up next month

Next month, we hope that the weather continues to be warm and sunny so that the children can continue to explore their outdoor environment, helping with the gardening and discovering the sensory den even more. We have a number of engaging activities planned for each room to help extend their learning and development. We look forward to telling you more about these in next month’s newsletter.

Other important information

It would be great if everyone could please send in pictures with photographs of what you have enjoyed doing over the weekend.

We will be starting to post social media content on The Old Station Nursery Group’s social media channels at the start of May. We encourage you to also follow their social media channels to keep up to date with all of our latest news and insights into nursery life. Follow the group pages by clicking here for Facebook, here for Instagram, here for Twitter and here for LinkedIn.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Lisa Payne, Apricot Nursery Manager

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