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Teaching children the importance of taking care of their health can help them to develop self-care skills, and empower them to make healthy choices throughout their lives. It is crucial to encourage young children to look after their health by promoting healthy habits such as looking after their teeth, engaging in regular physical activity, and eating a balanced diet with healthy foods.

On this page you'll find some tips on how to encourage this at home.

Nursery cook serves a nutritious meal to a young girl at the table 

Include your child in preparing healthy snacks and nutritious meals

Including your child in this process is a great way for them to learn about different ingredients and where food comes from, as well as helping to develop their fine motor skills as they help to chop, mix, and measure ingredients.

It can be a great bonding experience and provide an opportunity for children to learn about cooking and kitchen safety, whilst fostering a sense of responsibility, independence and sense of accomplishment.

Child preparing healthy fruit snacks 

Plant herbs in the garden or on the windowsill

Planting herbs help to teach children about the environment, and how we can grow our own food as part of a balanced diet.

It is a great way to develop children's fine motor skills as they help to plant, care for, and harvest the herbs, as well as promoting a sense of responsibility and ownership as they take care of their own plants.

Doing this provides a fun and interactive way for children to learn about different herbs and their uses, developing their sense of curiosity and creativity as they explore new ways of using them. They are also a great addition to some tasty homemade meals!

Plants on a windowsill at home 

Take part in a mini 'keep fit' session or plan an outdoor walk

Excercising regularly leads to improved cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility, as well as helping to boost mental well-being.

Overall, fitness sessions are a fun and interactive way for young children to learn about the importance of physical activity and develop healthy habits.

Group of children taking part in outdoor Yoga at nursery
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