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Reading books can help children to develop their language skills, expand their vocabulary and improve their comprehension. It can also help children to develop their imagination, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Additionally, reading books exposes children to different cultures, perspectives and values, which helps to broaden their understanding of the world. Regular reading also helps children develop a love for reading that lasts a lifetime. To sum up, introducing young children to reading books is essential for their cognitive, social and emotional development, as well as being a fun and enjoyable activity to share.

On this page you'll find some tips on how to encourage reading at home.

Child in a cosy reading area, with toys and a play area in the background, holding a book about fruit

Create a cosy spot for reading books at home

• Share books together, and have a selection of books that children can access themselves.

• Creating these areas to read books to children is beneficial because it creates a comfortable and inviting space for them to enjoy reading.

• It also helps to foster a love of reading and a sense of curiosity as children are surrounded by books and encouraged to explore them.

Nursery practitioner reading a book to two babies whilst smiling and laughing

Sign up to your local library

• Libraries provide access to a wide range of books and other educational resources.

• This helps to foster a love of reading and a sense of curiosity in children, as well as being a great way for children to learn about different cultures, and explore new and diverse worlds through books.

• It is also a cost-effective way for children to access a wide variety of reading materials, and provides an opportunity for children to develop their reading and literacy skills.

Boy smiling in library room

Ask questions about the story

This helps to improve their comprehension skills and build their background knowledge.

Asking questions during story time, such as "I wonder what will happen next?" is beneficial to a child's reading development because it encourages them to think critically and predict what might happen next in the story.

It also encourages children to be more engaged in the story and to think more deeply about the characters, plot and themes.

Nursery practitioner reading a book to three toddlers 
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